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The innovative eco/// mech panelised building system was invented by passionate people from a construction and engineering background that had the vision to see a better way to meet the needs of the contemporary new build market.

Coming from a fabrication, construction and general engineering background our team have created one of the finest, yet simplest offsite building systems. We have addressed the Government's, 'Strategy for Sustainable Construction', the 'Code of Sustainable Homes' and the 'Low Carbon Construction Report'. We believe we have a stylish modern method of building, that offers clean, precision made, durable, and thermally effective construction, that is economic and environmentally friendly.

We recognised that current construction practices were partly responsible for Britain only achieving as little as 50% pa of the national new build housing target. Long build times, outdated site habits and reliance upon an increasingly short supply of skilled tradesmen, have had to be addressed. We see housing, commercial construction, and domestic home extensions, as a critical component in the economic revival of the UK. The challenge has been to innovate with new materials and products, to part build offsite, eliminate waste, and design, test, and manufacture, an all- purpose building system that can be erected in 50% less time by semi-skilled workers.


Whilst ecomech is certainly a commercial business generating profit, our board of management also have a social and environmental concern. The UK construction industry is central to the economic and social wellbeing of our communities – it can be a force for substantive social regeneration. Being a semi-skilled building system ecomech or developers using the ecomech building system can re-energise the sector by training semi-skilled workers in less than a week, building faster and at lower costs.

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  • Innovation - simplicity of design, functionality and speed of building.
  • Energy saving - minimum code 4.
  • Cost effective - lower than most alternatives.
  • Green - no waste, less site disturbance.
  • Regenerative - quick training, increases employment.
  • Localism - no need to sub in skilled labour, local construction built by local people.

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